Change of Registered Office with in the Same State - BR

Resolution For Change Of Registered Office Outside Local Limits Of City, Town Or Village From The Jurisdiction Of One Registrar To Another Within The Same State

“RESOLVED THAT the Registered Office of the Company be and is hereby shifted from ________ to ________ which is outside the local limits of city, town or village but from the jurisdiction of one registrar to another within the same state where the company’s registered office is presently situated with effect from _______ subject to confirmation by the Regional Director.”

Explanatory Statement
The registered office of the company is situated at ________ while the administrative office is situated at ________ For administrative convenience and better control over the operations it is proposed to shift the Registered office from _______ to _______ Since the new place is within the jurisdiction of another Registrar of Companies, this requires prior approval of the Regional Director. Hence it is proposed to pass a special resolution for this purpose.

No Director is interested or concerned in this resolution.

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