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Form AOC-4, AOC-4 (XBRL Non-IndAS) and AOC-4 CFS can be filed by 28.11.2017 without paying additional fees
MCA Update: Relaxation of additional fees for filing AOC-4 (XBRL) till 31st March, 2018
Income Tax Update: Routine functions won’t make MNCs liable to pay Indian tax
Acceptance of Deposits from Members and Public - SR
Alteration of Article of Association by deletion of article - SR
Approval of Pre-incorporation expenses and contracts - BR
Keeping Registers etc. at place other than registered office - SR
Consolidation of Shares - OR
To incorporate entrenchment provisions in Article of Association - SR
Contribution to bona fide and charitable funds etc. - OR
GST Updates: Govt. issued various Notifications on 13th October, 2017
SEBI: Strict actions for non-compliance of Minimum Public Shareholding
GST Updates: Outcome of GST Council Meeting dated 06th October, 2017
SEBI Updates: SEBI brought uniformity in MF Schemes
Form SH-4 - Share Transfer Form
GST Updates: Conditions for exports of goods or services without payment of IGST
To apply for PAN and TAN of Company - BR
Preparing and Maintaining Statutory Registers - BR
Authorisation for signing documents - BR
Authorisation for e-filing of documents with ROC - BR
To take note of Subscribers to MOA - BR
Keeping and Maintaining Minutes of Meetings - BR
Deciding Financial Year of the Company - BR
Adoption of Common Seal - BR
Disclosure of Interest from Directors - BR
Situation of Registered Office of Company
To take note of MOA and AOA of Company - BR
To take note of Certificate of Incorporation - BR
Private Placement of Equity Shares_Listed Company - SR
Regularisation of Additional Director - OR
Approval and Ratification of Related Party Transactions - SR
Authorisation to Board to sale Company's plant
Payment of Remuneration to Non-executive Directors - OR
Authorisation to Board to make donation - SR
Private Placement of Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares - SR
Private Placement for Non-convertible Debentures - SR
Appointment of Director - OR
Removal of Director - OR
Borrowing Powers to Board u/s 180(1)(c) - SR