Shifting the Registered Office with in the same state - SR

Special Resolution For Shifting The Registered Office Of The Company To Another Place Outside The Local Limits But Within The Same State

RESOLVED THAT pursuant to the section 12(5) and other applicable provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, if any, the registered office of the Company be and is hereby shifted from its present situation at __________ to __________ a place falling under the jurisdiction of _________ police station which is outside the local limit of the town where it is presently situated but within the same state;
RESOLVED FURTHER THAT – Shri ___________ the company Secretary, be is hereby authorised to file with the concern Registrar of Companies, the FORM INC 22 containing verification of the registered office of the company.

Explanatory Statement:

The registered office of the company is situated at _________ (a small town) _________ Often it becomes difficult to arrange the required facilities for holding the company’s annual general meetings, which are required to be held at the registered office of the Company or at a place within the local limits of the same town. Therefore, the Board of directors of the company, at its meeting held on _________, resolved that the registered office of the company is to be shifted to ________, a place outside the local limits of the town where the company’s registered office is presently situated but which is within the same State, where it would be possible for the company to hold its annual general meetings more conveniently as all the required facilities are available there.

Moreover, the company’s Central, Administrative and Marketing Offices are already situated there.
The Board, therefore, recommends the proposed special resolution to the members of the company for their consideration and approval.

None of the directors of the company is concerned or interested in the proposed resolution

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