Shifting the Registered Office From One state to Another - BR

Board Resolution For Shifting The Registered Office From One State To Another

“RESOLVED THAT subject to the approval of members of the Company by a special resolution at a general meeting and confirmation of the Regional Director under section 12 of the Companies Act, 2013 and subject to such other approvals as may be necessary, the registered office of the Company be and is hereby shifted from its present location to the State/Union Territory of ________ and clause __________ of the memorandum of the company be and is hereby altered accordingly;

“RESOLVED FURTHER THAT a special resolution according approval to the proposed alterations by the members of the Company be and is hereby proposed at the ________ annual general meeting/extra-ordinary general meeting to be convened and held on _________ at ________ at the registered office of the company and the Company Secretary be and is hereby unauthorised to issue notice of the said meeting together with related explanatory statement, in accordance with the draft placed before this meeting, to the members of the company in accordance with the provisions of Companies Act, 1956 and the articles of association of the company;

“RESOLVED FURTHER THAT M/s___________ Advocate/Secretary in whole-time practice/practising Chartered Accountant/practising Cost Accountant be and is hereby authorised to appear and represent the Company before the Regional Director, in the matter of the petition to be filed for their confirmation to the proposed alteration of the of the memorandum as to the change of  he place of the registered office from one State to another and are also authorised to make such statements, furnish such information and do such acts, deeds and things as may be necessary in relation to the said petition;

“RESOLVED FURTHER THAT Mr. ____________ director, Mr. ____________ director, and Mr.  __________, secretary, be and are hereby authorised jointly and severally to sign the said petition/application, affidavits and such other documents as may be necessary in relation to the said petition.

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