Share Broker Business

To carry on the business as Securities Brokers, Share and Stock brokers, finance and investment brokers, sub-brokers, underwriters, sub-underwriters and consultants for and to purchase, acquire, hold, sell, buy, invest, trade, exchange, deal, barter, borrow, lend, guarantee, offer, comfort for, pledge, hypothecate, charge and/or deal in investment instruments of all kinds and types, whether securities or not, including shares, stocks, debentures, bonds, cumulative convertible preference shares, certificates of deposits, commercial papers, participation certificates, other securities by original subscription, coupons, warrants, options and such other derivatives, and other mutual funds or any other securities issued by governments, corporations, co-operatives, firms, trusts, societies, authorities etc. whether situated in India or abroad and to carry on financial operations of all kinds including hire-purchase, leasing, credit rating, money changing’s, stock exchange membership to arrange bought out deals, to arrange placement of securities and to carry on business of management consultancy or to engage in activities such as portfolio management services, research in to various investment opportunities, or any other non-fund related activity, to be provided to venture capital funds, private equity funds, foreign institutional investors, investment funds, mutual funds, hedge funds or any other investors (whether private or public and whether local or offshore), for the purpose of investing the funds from time to time in various forms of investments in India. 

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