Leasing and Hire Purchase Business

To carry on the business of a leasing company, hire purchase company, finance company to undertaken all types of leasing and hire purchase business relating to all kinds of machinery, plant, equipment, ships, vehicles, aircraft, rolling stock, factories, movable and immovable property, to arrange or syndicate leasing or hire purchase business, to undertake bill discounting business, to purchase, finance discount, re discount bills of exchange ,to act as a discount and acceptance house to arrange acceptance or co-acceptance of bills, to carry on the business or financiers, lessors and hire purchase of all kinds of property, lending or advancing money on the security of movable or immovable property, legal claims, choose in action or other rights and assets to business undertaking and industries to carry on the business of managers, advisers, consultants to be public issues, merchant banking, portfolio management, bill discounting, underwriting, sub underwriting and other related services. 

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