Mutual Fund Business

To carry on business as advisor, administrator and/or manager of investment funds, mutual funds, (both local as well as offshore), growth funds, income or capital funds, taxable or tax exempt funds, provident funds, pension funds, superannuating funds, charitable funds, trust funds, managing investment pool(s) of any person or bodies of persons whether incorporated or not, and carry on the mutual fund business, investment in equity and other securities to contribute to the development of capital market and/or for providing facility for participation by subscribers and holders of units in the mutual funds and in the profit or income arising from the acquisition, holding, management and disposal of the securities and other investment whatsoever and for that purpose to promote, establish, manage and carry on various schemes as may be sanctioned by all concerned authorities and conducive to the management of the company whether directly or for the benefit of any person or persons and subject to requisite statutory approvals if any, to carry on the business of securitization and/or asset reconstruction and for that purpose to purchase, acquire, invest, transfer, sell, dispose of or trade in participation certificates, participation units, securitized debts, assets backed securities or mortgage backed securities or debts whether representing financial assets, receivables, debts, whether unsecured or secured by mortgage of immovable properties or hypothecated by movables or otherwise, whether existent, accruing, conditional, contingent, future, performing or non-performing, impaired or unimpaired, or otherwise and to carry on business as advisor to administrators and/or managers of investment funds, concerning shares, stocks, debentures, debenture stocks, bonds, units obligations, securitised debts, promissory notes, participation certificates, policies, money market investments, securities of the Central and State Governments, companies, corporations, municipal, local or other bodies or authorities or other securities or investments of any kind or description whether in India or in any foreign country whether directly or for the benefit of any person or persons.  

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