Consumer Products Business

1. To carry on trade or retail business in India through retail formats and including but not limited to hyper markets, super markets, mega stores/discount stores, cash & carry, departmental stores, shoppers plaza, direct to home, phone order and mail order, catalogue, through internet and other forms and multi level channels for all products and services, dealing in all kind of goods, materials and items including but not limited to food & provisions, household goods, consumer durables, jewellery, home improvement products, footwears, luggage, books & stationery, health care and beauty products, toys and music, computers & accessories, telecom products, agri input products, furniture & furnishings, automobile & accessories, and acquiring and running food, service and entertainment centers including but not limited to multiplexes, cinemas, gaming centers, amusement parks, restaurants and food courts and acquiring of land or building on lease or freehold or any commercial or industrial or residential building for running and management of retail business and to acquire flats, offices and retail spaces for carrying on retail business and to sell them, lease or sublet them and to undertake and execute civil, mechanical, electrical and structural works contracts and sub contracts in all their respective branches to carry on retailing business.

2. To carry on the business of selling, exchanging, altering, importing, exporting, distributing or otherwise dealing in ready-made garments and hosiery made of cotton, silk, rayon, wool, nylon, man-made fabrics, polyester, canvas, jute, leather, any other fabric coated with any chemical or not, or other preparation and other fabric and any other business of manufacturing, processing, dyeing, bleaching, buying, selling, exchanging, importing, exporting or otherwise dealing in yarns and textiles made of cotton, silk, rayon, wool, nylon, man-made fibres, polyester, canvas or any other substances.

3. To carry on the business of making investments and to hold, vary the investments and holdings of the Company as may from time to time be deemed desirable and to subscribe to the shares and securities being issued by companies and to generally do all activities and enter into all kinds of financial arrangements so as to enable mobilising of funds by and for such companies and ensuring liquidity for the investor investing in shares and securities issued by such companies and to invest money of the Company (or any of its subsidiaries) in any investments and to hold, sell or otherwise deal with investments or currencies or other financial assets and to carry on the business of investment company

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