Event Management Business

1. To carry on business, in India and abroad, by organizing and managing of various events including but not limited to luxury events, government & private events, road shows, seminars, fashion shows, concerts, conferences, social events, brand launches, brand promotion and management, cultural events & celebrity management, award nights, entertainment shows, college and school festivals; to sale and deal in tickets bookings and reservations for such events; and to acquire, purchase, sale, import or export, let on hire, install for that purposes various things, equipment and systems viz. audio visual systems, exhibitions, display panels and boards, conference kit and guides, and to provide support services in this regard; to carry on the business of service provider, distributor, concept facilitator, consultant, manager, franchises, Co-ordinations with municipalities, administration, traffic police, licensing authorities, market authorities etc., custodian, trustees, business advisor, strategy formulator, brand ambassador, on behalf of companies/firms/ individuals to promote, establish, brand building, market leader of products or services and all related activities.

2. To carry on such other incidental/auxiliary activities as may be necessary in connection with sales promotion & event management. 

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