Online Food Business

a. To carry on business to develop, own, run, administer, operate, facilitate, create, acquire an internet portal providing all sorts of information, including but not limited to details of menus, contact, discount offers, quality of service & food about restaurants, caterers, and other food and beverage service providers to be availed by users of the website in making informed decisions about their dining options and related facilities and by restaurants, hotels and other caterers to advertise themselves to the target audience in India and abroad

b. To carry on business by setting up an interface and or put in place, set up, install, acquire appropriate IVRS based telephone help lines along with associated server for creating a via media either through its own resources or contracted third party service providers between restaurants, other caterers, and customers for food and beverage related requirements including but not limited to fine dining, home delivery etc. and to put in place appropriate arrangements/infrastructures based on agreeable revenue sharing mechanism both with service providers and their customers.

c. To venture into various other value added services including but not limited to online table reservations reviewing of specific cuisines etc. wherein the company shall facilitate interactivities between restaurants and their customers and to provide a platform for qualitative interaction for its users, restaurants, advertisers and all other stakeholders of the food and beverages industries in India and abroad

d. To act as collaborators franchiser, technical exports and marketing of any other hotel, motels, holiday resorts, camps, restaurants, canteens, pubs, bars, refreshment rooms, marriage home, resorts, creation centre, hotel, restaurant, picnic spot and allied activities and to act as agents of any hotels/company and to do and perform all duties, services and office which the agents of any hotels/company usually do and perform undertake 

e. To carry on the business of manufacturers, producers, processors, buyers, sellers, distributors, commission agents and dealers in all kinds of aerated, artificial and mineral waters, soft drinks, carbonated drinks, fruit and vegetable powders and preparations of all kinds, fruit juices, protein foods, instant foods and foods stuffs and provision of all kinds. 

f. To provide catering services, conduct, host, organise parties, functions, events, shows, exhibitions, dramas, press conferences and alike and arrange for food, beverage, tenting, decoration and other similar requirement pertaining to the above. 

g. To administer, develop, own and run Projects or Enterprise or Programmes for caterers, restaurants, other food and beverage service providers

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