Film Production Business

To carry on business as producers, co-producers, distributors, hirers, exhibitors, negative holders, exploiters, traders, exporters and importers of motion pictures, media and /or publishing house either by itself or  through its division, cinematographic films, feature films, or any other film on any format or system and or recording of such films on any disc, tape, perforated media or other information storage devices or as agents for (wholesale and /or retail) and produce cinematographic films, as dealers in  sound producing, synchronized, stereoscopic, 3-D, coloured, bioscopic, cinemascope and cinerama pictures, blank and /or pre-recorded videos and/or audio cassettes, as proprietors and/or lessees of film studios, erecting and running studios, film laboratories, cinema halls, theatres, multiplexes, television studios for exhibiting films and for musical performances, as film publicity agents, designers, engravers for film publicity materials and as printers for film publicity and photography, either alone or in partnership with individuals and/or bodies, as lenders and/or suppliers of artists, artistic talents and technicians to producers of cinematograph films and for that purpose to employ artists as paid servants of the company to be readily available for such business and engage in  business incidental hereto.

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