SEBI Updates: SEBI brought uniformity in MF Schemes

Uniformity and Categorization of Mutual Fund Schemes

Security Exchange Board of India, SEBI, has issued a Circular dated 06th October, 2017, on categorisation and rationalisation of Mutual Fund Schemes.

In order to bring the desired uniformity in practice across Mutual funds, to standardise the scheme categories which will help Investors to evaluate schemes at the time of investing, SEBI decided to categorise MF schemes as follows:

1. The schemes will broadly be classified into following categories
  • Equity Schemes
  • Debt Schemes
  • Hybrid Schemes
  • Solution Oriented Schemes
  • Other Schemes
The detailed annexure has been given for more details.

2. Additionally, SEBI has also defined the terms Large Cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap. It has further clarified the process of how to determine the market capitalization.

You can have a look at this Circular for more details.

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