Aluminium Business

To carry on in India or elsewhere the business of manufacturing, producing, altering, converting, processing, treating, improving, manipulating, extruding, milling, slitting, cutting, casting, forging, rolling & rerolling of all shapes, sizes, varieties, specifications, dimensions, descriptions and strength of all kinds of ferrous & nonferrous metals, including bars, roads, structures, profiles, pipes, sheets, castings, wires, rolling metals, channels, angles, rolls, ingots, flats, slabs, rounds, squares, hexagons, octagons, foils, joints, deformed bars, their products, by-products and other materials, goods, articles and things made of all grades of ferrous & non-ferrous metals and to act as agent, broker, distributor, stockist, importer, exporter buyer, seller, job worker, convertor, consultant, supplier and vendor.

To carry on the business in cold or hot rolling, re-rolling, slittings, castings, forgings, edge-milling, sheering, stamping, pressing, extruding, metal strips, sheets, foils and to set up foundries, furnaces and continuous casting and rolling mill plant for producing ferrous and non-ferrous materials, iron, steel and iron alloy, steel ingots, billets or re-rolled sections, steel structurals, forged components and accessories for automotive and engineering industry

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