Agrochemical Business

1. To establish, carry on in India or elsewhere the business to manufacture, produce, process, formulate, mix, disinfect, refine, wash, dilute, concentrate, compound, segregate, pack, repack, and remove, heat, grade, freeze, fermentate, reduce, improve, buy, sell, resell, import, export, trade, barter, transport, store, forward, distribute, dispose, develop, handle, manipulate, market, procure, supply, treat, work, and to act as principal, agent, broker, representative, consultant, collaborator, consign, adatia, stockists, liasioner, in wholesale or retail, job worker or otherwise, to deal in Micro nutrients Fertilisers, water soluble fertilisers and all types, classes and kinds of natural or manmade fertilisers or otherwise, manures, mixtures of Fertilisers, whether nitrogenous, phosphatic, potash or otherwise such as single super phosphate, triple super phosphate, rock phosphate, silica fluoride, lime rock phosphate, urea, gypsum, di ammonium phosphate, mono ammonium phosphate, Seeds and other allied items

2. To establish and carry on the business of manufacturing, producing, processing, importing, exporting, trading and dealing whether as principal or agents, in pesticides, Bio Pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, germicides, weedicides, herbicides, sprays, technical’s and remedies of all kinds for agricultural fruit growing, gardening or other purposes or as remedies for men or animals and whether produced from vegetables, mineral, general, animal or any other matter or by any other process, whether chemical, mechanical, electrical or otherwise and other allied items

3. To establish, carry on in India or elsewhere the business, to manufacture, process, produce, formulate, mix, disinfect, wash, dilute, concentrate, compound, segregate, pack, repack and remove, heat, grade, store, forward, distribute, dispose, develop, broke, representative, agents, distributors, in wholesale or retail, consultant, collaborator, adatia, stockists, liasioner, job worker, import, export or otherwise to deal in all types of Organic chemicals, industrial chemicals, inorganic chemicals, agro chemicals, heavy water, and their compounds, formulations, preparations, acids, solvents, oils, solutions, derivatives, fluids, products, by products, residues, catalysts, re agents, intermediaries, equipment, derivatives, mixtures, concentrates, lumps, powders, granules, blends, Di Methylene sulphate, Oleum, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, silicon dioxide, soda ash, caustic soda, venedium pentoxide, silicon fluoride, chlorine based chemicals, calcium chloride, and other organic sails, Mono calcium phosphate, di calcium phosphate (animal feed grade, pharma grade and all other grades), tri calcium phosphates, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), and other allied items, by products, derivates, compounds, source materials, ingredients, and other allied items and Power.

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