MCA Updates: Intimation for change of registered office (Form INC-22) can now be filed within 30 days

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has issued a notification dated 27th July, 2018 to notify Section 5 and Section 6 of Companies (Amendment) Act, 2017.

As per this notification, MCA has appointed 27th July, 2018 as the date on which Section 5 and Section 6 of Companies (Amendment) Act, 2017 shall come into force.

1. Section 6 - Now, 
This section of Amendment Act 2017 has made changes in Section 12(1) and Section 12(4) of Companies Act, 2013 by which,
a. Section 12(1): a newly incorporated company now has 30 days (instead of 15 days) to decide the registered office after incorporation.
b. Section 12(4): existing company can now file Form INC-22 with respect to change in registered office within 30 days from the date of change (instead of 15 days).

2. Section 5
This section of Amendment Act 2017 makes changes in Section 7(1)(c) of Companies Act, 2013 wherein the words "an affidavit" are replaced by "a declaration". Accordingly, Form INC-9 which was required to be submitted with Company Incorporation  application in the form of Affidavit, can now be given as "Declaration". This step is taken to ease the process of company incorporation.

Copy of notification dated 27th July, 2018, can be accessed below.

Notified copy of Companies Amendment Act, 2017 can be accessed below for ready reference.

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