Service Notice to Pay Call - BR

Board Resolution For Serving Notice Requiring A Defaulting Member To Pay Call Or Installment Thereof Within Stipulated Time

“RESOLVED THAT notice be given in accordance with articles and _______ of the Articles of Association of the company to all those members of the company, who have not paid the second call amount (as per list placed on the table and initialled by the chairman of the meeting for the purpose of identification ) on equity shares held by them in the company till the ________ day of _______ 2013, which date was fixed and notified for payment of the call, calling upon them to pay such call amount on or before the day of 2013 together with interest at the rate of _______ per cent per annum from the following day of the said date _____________ upto the date of actual payment and stating that in the event of non-payment of the call money on or before the said date, the shares will
be liable to for feature.

“RESOLVED FURTHER THAT Shri _________ Company Secretary, be and is hereby authorised to serve, at the earliest possible date, the notice on the defaulting members of the company in terms of the foregoing resolution by registered post with acknowledgement due.

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