Altering the Articles of a Company by Adoption of New Set of Articles - SR

Special Resolution For Altering The Articles Of Association Of A Company By Adoption Of New Set Of Articles

“RESOLVED THAT the Article of Association of the Company by and are hereby replaced by the adoption of new set of articles as provided in Tables F, G, H, I & J in Schedule I as the case may be of the Companies Act, 2013.

Explanatory Statement;

The present Articles of Association of the company were adopted in _______The Act has since been amended several times. Moreover certain other Acts have affected various provisions of the Companies Act, 2013.

The directors of the company believe that it is desirable that the articles of association of the company be revised so that they fully reflect not only the law governing the company and rules and regulations made thereunder, but is also in conformity with modern secretarial practices and complies with the requirements of the listing agreements of the stock exchanges on which the company’s shares are listed.

Since the proposed alterations, deletions, insertions etc. to the present articles of association are numerous, it is more convenient to adopt an altogether new set of articles of association incorporating all the proposed alterations.

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