Alteration of Articles by Deletion of an Article - SR

Special Resolution For Alteration Of Articles By Deletion Of An Article

RESOLVED THAT Articles of Association of the Company be and are hereby altered by deleting article __________ of the articles of association of the company.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT after deletion, the existing Articles No. _________ to _________ be renumbered as Article No. ________ to _________

Explanatory Statement

Articles ________ of the articles of association of the company related to the appointment of managing agent.

Under the present law, no company shall appoint managing agents/secretaries. This article has remained in the articles of association of the company in spite of the fact that it became redundant since long.

The directors have now thought it fit to forthwith delete this article which is no longer in conformity with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013.

A copy of the existing articles together with the proposed alteration is available for inspection at the registered office of the company during the business hours on any working day.

None of the directors is concerned or interested in the proposed resolution.

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