Transport Finance

1. To carry on and undertake business as Financiers and Capitalists, to finance operations of all kinds such as managing, purchasing, selling, hiring, letting on hire and dealing in all kinds of vehicles, motor cars, motor buses, motor lorries, scooters and all other vehicles and to undertake and carry on all operations and transactions in regard to business of any kind in the same way as an individual capitalist may lawfully undertake and carry out and in particular the financing Hire Purchase Contracts relating to vehicles of all kinds; and to carry on and become engaged in financial, monetary and other business transactions that are usually and commonly carried on by Commercial Financing Houses, Shroffs, Credit Corporations, Merchants, Factory, Trade and General Financiers and Capitalists;

2. To carry on the business of buying, selling of trucks and other CVs and reconditioning, repairing, remodelling, redesigning of the vehicles and also acting as dealer for the said vehicles, for all the second hand commercial and other vehicles and to carry on the business of buying, selling, importing, exporting, distributing, assembling, repairing and dealing in all types of vehicles including re-conditioned and re-manufactured automobiles, two and three wheelers, tractors, trucks and other vehicles and automobile spares, replacement parts, accessories, tools, implements, tyres and tubes, auto lamps, bulbs, tail light and head light bulbs, assemblies and all other spare parts and accessories as may be required in the automobile industry. 

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