Steel Business

1. To carry on in India and elsewhere the trade or business or manufacturing, prospecting, raising, operating, buying, selling, importing, exporting, purchasing otherwise dealing;
(i) in iron and steel of all qualities, grades, types and kinds as iron mongers, iron masters, steel makers and steel converters;
(ii) in Ferro Silicon, Ferro-Chrome and/or all products made of Iron and Steel, Coking coal, Manganese, Ferro manganese, Limestone, Refractories, Iron-ore and other alloys;
(iii) as miners, smelters, iron founders in all respective branches;
(iv) in stainless steel, silicon steel, special steel, mild steel and in allied products, fireclay, dolomite, limestone, refractories, iron ore, bauxite, cement, chemicals, fertilizers, manures, distilleries, dye making and industrial and non-industrial gas, lime burners, stone quarrying, concrete manufacturing in all respective branches, and other allied input or other materials, and, for that purpose to construct, install, operate, manage and maintain all plants, mines, establishments, works etc

2. To do consultancy services required to design, establish, provide, maintain and perform engineering and related technical and consultancy services for the development of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgical enterprises, chemical and petro-chemical enterprises, fertilizer plants, cement plants, refractory plants, laboratories for control and/or research purposes, water works, gas works, sewage disposal plants, thermal and hydro-electric power stations, electrical generators, transmission and distribution and all other types of industrial projects, and for that purpose to prepare and get prepared feasibility reports, detailed project reports, market studies, techno-economic investigations, survey of all types, site selection, planning basic and process engineering, preparing specifications and documents, tender evaluation and purchase assistance, detailed design and working drawing, shop inspection, expediting construction, supervision, project management, commissioning, operation and maintenance, training of personnel, pre and post operation consultancy and any such other services. 

3. To construct, execute, carry out, improve, develop, manage or control iron and steel works and by-products and ancillary plants, fertilizer plants, coke ovens, foundries furnaces, bricks kilns, refractory works, factories, railways, tramways, ropeways, runways, roads, aerodromes, docks, harbours, piers wharves, dams, barrages, weirs, reservoirs, embankments, canals, irrigation, power houses, transmission lines, reclamation, improvement, sewage, drainage, sanitary, water, gas, electric, light, telephone and power supply works and hotels, houses, markets and buildings, private or public, and all other works, conveniences whatsoever, and generally to carry on the business of builders, contractors, engineers, architects, estimators, and designers in all their respective branches and to undertake works on contract basis for civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, erection engineering, water supply, etc. and to tender for such works, and to undertake consultancy services in the above fields, general accounting, material management, industrial engineering and other management services, etc.

4. To plan, promote, and organise an integrated and efficient development of the iron and steel and its associated input industries such as iron ore, coking coal, manganese, limestone, refractories etc

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