NBFC (Deposit) Business

  1. To carry on the business of NBFCs (Non Banking Financial Company), hire purchase company, finance company, to undertake all types of leasing and hire purchase business relating to all kinds of machinery, plant, equipment, ships, vehicles, aircraft, rolling stock, factories, movable and immovable property, to arrange or syndicate leasing or hire purchase, business, to undertake bills discounting business, to purchase, finance discount, re-discount, bills of exchange, to act as a discount and acceptance house, to arrange acceptance or co-acceptance of bills
  2. To act a financiers with the objects of financing Industrial Enterprise, to lend or deal with the money either with or without interest or security including to current or deposit account with any bank or banks other person or persons upon such terms, condition and manner as may from time to time be determined and to receive money on deposit that the Company shall not do any banking business as defined under the Banking Regulations Act, 1949, subject to the provisions of the Act and directives issued by the Reserve Bank of India.

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