Infrastructure Business

  1. To carry on the business of Builders, Developers, General maintenance, Construction, Contractor and to construct, purchase sell, execute, develop, maintain operate, run, obtain, grant lease, sub lease, license, arrangement for/of tenancy/ tenancy rights, let out and/or sell departmental stores, offices, residential apartments, bungalows, townships, factories, flats, warehouses, Pent Houses, resorts, entertainment complex, Malls, Multiplex Concert Halls, Hotels, Restaurants, Studios, Shopping Centers, Special Economic Zones, Airports, Highways, Satellite Townships, Industrial IT Parks, IT Campuses, Hospitals, Seminar Halls, marketing arcades, farm house, theaters, residential schools, playground buildings and every kind of erections, infrastructure, construction works and to promote, establish, acquire, purchase, sale, construct, develop new townships and to develop, provide, supply, maintain various infrastructure facilities and to undertake development of infrastructure projects in all areas of infrastructure including but not limited to basic infrastructure such as power, roads, water, water management, waste management system, sewerages, industrial infrastructure, urban infrastructure, tourism infrastructure and to purchase, sell and deal in land and immovable properties in India or any other parts of the world and any accretion thereto in the form of area or any other form whatsoever and to promote formation of co-operative housing societies, companies, trust or other associations
  2. To purchase, construct, develop, transfer, take in exchange or on lease, hire or otherwise acquire, whether for investment and / or sale or working in the same, any real or personal estate or property including land, mines, business, building, factory, mills, houses, cottages, shops, minerals, rights, concessions, privilege, licenses, lease whatsoever for the purposes of the Company in consideration for a gross sum or rent or partly in one and partly in other or for some other consideration.
  3. To carry on the business of hotels, restaurants, cafes, resorts, refreshment rooms, juice centers, spa centers, beauty salon centers, fitness center and to carry on business of buying, selling, trading, importing, exporting, wholesaling and retailing of all food products and drinks with hospitality industry.

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