Hospitality Business

  1. To carry on the business of development, marketing and management of Hotels, Holiday resorts, villas, lodging, stalls, garages, summer houses, chateaus, castles, Inns, Road Houses, Motels, Tavern, Rest Houses, Guest houses, Spas, medical tourism facilities and homes for infirm.
  2. To carry on all the business of hotels, restaurants, cafes, holiday camps, resorts, taverns, beerhouses, refreshment rooms, night clubs, cabarets and establish run, manage and do all necessary business activities relating to restaurants, Liquor bars, Pubs, snack bars, cafeterias, Hotels, resorts, rest houses in India and outside India and to deal in all manners such as growing, preparing, cooking, packing, importing, exporting, packing distributing all kinds of food and beverages and lodging or apartment house keepers, licensed victuallers, wine, beer and spirit merchants, brewers, distillers, bakers and confectioners, importers and manufactures of aerated mineral and artificial water and other drinks; to acquire or purchase any going or operating concern carrying on the same or similar business or business as covered by the object clause of the above.

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