Electrical Business

To manufacture, buy, sell, export, import, deal in, assemble, fit repair, convert, overhaul, alter, maintain, and improve all types of electronic components, devices, equipments and appliances, equipments such as television and wireless apparatus including radio receivers and transmitters, tape recorders, broadcast relay and reception equipments, phonographs and other equipments used in and or for audio and visual communications, apparatus and equipment including those using electromagnetic waves intended for radio-telegraphic or radio-telephonic communication photocopiers, electronic lighting controls, continuous fan/motor speed controls, continuous flashers and fire alarm systems, digital and other electronic clock, time relays, punch card machines, electromechanical pneumatic controls, computers and automatic calculators, X-ray machines and tubes, surgical, medical and other appliances intended for electro and other therapy treatment and in all types of tapes, magnetic and otherwise, photographic films, projectors and cameras, and capacitors, resistance, condensors, semi-conductors, transistors, rectifiers, integrated and hybird circuits, relays, potentio meters, connectors, printed circuits, coils, chokes, transformers, switches, volume controls, plugs, sockets, aerial gears, diodes and allied items intended for and used in electronic devices, and in air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, heaters and cooking ranges and other types of domestic machines, heaters and cooking ranges and other types of domestic appliances and any type of equipment used in the generation, transmission and receiving of sound, light and electrical impulses and component parts thereof and other materials used in or in connection with electronic and electrical industries

To carry on, manage, supervise and control the business of transmitting, manufacturing, supplying, generating, distributing and dealing in electricity and all forms of energy and power generated by any source whether nuclear, steam, hydro or tidal, water, wind, solar, hydrocarbon fuel or any other form, kind or description.

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