Cement Business

  1. To carry on business to produce, manufacture, treat , process, prepare, refine, import, export, purchase, sell and generally to deal in either as principals or as agents either solely or in partnership with others, all types and kinds of cement ordinary, white coloured, Portland, pozzolana, alumina, blast furnace, silica and all other varieties of cement, lime and limestone, clinker and / or by-product thereof, as also cement products of any or all descriptions, such as pipes, poles, slabs, asbestos sheets, blocks, tiles, garden wares, plaster of paris, lime pipes, building materials and otherwise, and articles, things, compounds and preparations connected with the aforesaid products, and in connection therewith to take on lease or otherwise acquire, erect, construct, establish, work, operate and maintain factories , quarries, mines and workshop.
  2. To carry on the business of manufacturers and dealers in cement products, lime, plasters, whiting clay, gravel, sand, concrete, mortar, minerals earth coke fuel artificial stone and builders requisites and conveniences of all kinds and to produce manufacture, purchase, refine, prepare, process, import, export, sell and generally deal in cement, Portland cement, alumina cement, plaster of paris, lime and lime stone, marble granite, kankar and or by products thereof and in connection therewith to acquire erect, construct establish, operate and maintain cement factories workshops and other works.
  3. To carry on the business as manufacturers and dealers in Grey Cement, white Portland cement, ordinary port land cement and cement of all kinds and varieties, concrete, lime, clay, gypsum and lime stone, sagole, soap stone, repifix cement and allied products and by products and to establish construct, acquire, run, operate on any factory for manufacturing cement and allied products.

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