Amusement Business

  1. To carry on the business of proprietors and operators of amusement parks, and as promoters, organisers and managers of all kinds of entertainments, sports, recreations, indoor and outdoor amusements, including funfairs, circuses, amusement arcades, exhibitions, sideshows and games, competitions, tournaments, concerts, cinema and television performances, stage and variety shows, dancing, skating, aquatic and equestrian events, and pyrotechnic, aerial and other displays.
  2. To purchase, lease, hire, construct, provide, operate, equip and maintain land, buildings, theaters, cinemas, studios, concert halls, stadiums, tracks, arenas, golf and putting courses, bowling greens, tennis, squash and badminton courts, skating rinks, swimming pools, baths, boating and paddling pools, marinas, piers, and all other structures, apparatus, equipment and articles which may appear necessary or convenient for the carrying on of any such business.
  3. To enter into agreements with, grant leases and licences to, and engage and employ showmen, artistes, entertainments, performers, sportsmen and other persons.

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