Hotel Business

  1. To carry on all the business of hotels, restaurants, cafes, holiday camps, resorts, taverns, beer-houses, refreshment rooms, night clubs, cabarets and swimming pools and Turkish baths and lodging or apartment house keepers, licensed victuallers, wine, beer and spirit merchants, brewers, distillers, bakers and onfectioners, importers and manufactures of aerated mineral and artificial water and other drinks. 
  2. To carry on all the business of purveyors, caterers for public generally, taxi, motor car and motor lorry proprietors, livery, stable and garage proprietors, farmers, dairymen, ice merchants, importers and brokers of food, live and dead stock and foreign produce of all descriptions, hair dressers, perfumers, chemists, Proprietors of clubs, baths, bars, dressing rooms, laundries, reading, writing and newspaper rooms, libraries, grounds and places of amusement, recreation, sport, entertainment of all kinds, health club, beauty saloons, indoor and outdoor playgrounds and stadiums, swimmign pools, video and other fun game rooms, race courses, meditation centres, boating clubs, flying clubs, freezing hot preservation and baking chambers, and other apartments, tobacco and cigar merchants including the manufacturte of cigars and other allied products, agents for railways, shipping and ariline companies and carriers and theatrical and opea box office proprietors entrepreneurs in connection with sub-clause 1 above. 
  3. To act as hotel management consultants, mangers, operators, advisors, planners, valuers and to impart technical know-how and training in the field of planning, construction, operation of hotels, motels, restaurants, recreation and etnertainment centres in the field of tourism industry whether in India or abroad and to purchase erect or otherwsie acquire, establish and equip and act as collaborators, technicians, financiers to any other hotel or restaurant in India or abroad

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